Mediation Testimonials

ADA/Burn Injury Case, Plaintiff Counsel:
"I don't do this often but when I encounter an exceptional Mediator, I feel obligated to provide an unsolicited 'shout out'. Yesterday I had a mediation with Monty McIntyre. This was the second mediation with him on this case. He was NOT the reason the case didn't resolve the first time around. Monty did a fantastic job. You could appreciate his intellect and litigation experience in the way he assisted the clients in understanding their case, as he saw it, and in appreciating the multiple factors that they must consider in trying to evaluate their claim. He worked extremely well with me and my co-counsel and no doubt garnered the respect of the defendants. He knew the case, the issues, and fairly evaluated the plaintiff's claims. The case settled and I'm going to guess both sides were pleased that he was selected as the mediator. He's worth the expense."

B&P §17200 Case, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary for a NYSE company:
“Mr. McIntyre ranks among the best of the scores of mediators I’ve used over the years. He is a ‘quick read’ and was well prepared. A good mediator is an attentive and perceptive listener. With the knowledge he gleaned and his understanding of the issues, Mr. McIntyre worked closely with the parties to craft a creative solution to what would otherwise have been expensive and protracted litigation.”

Brain Injury Case, Plaintiff Counsel:
“My co-counsel and I just finished a MTBI case 10 days ago with him, involving a 5 1/2 year old girl who fell at McDonalds but had had significant and near catastrophic birth issues. There were some difficult issues to work through. There were 2 meditations over a 4 month period. Monty worked very hard during, between and after meditations. The case was finally settled while he was in Hawaii on vacation. He never stopped calling and working on it. He is extremely bright and has a relaxed yet confident manner that is effective for mediation. I am now set for 2 more meditations with him in the next 60 days. He is the real deal.”

Business Case, Defense Counsel:
“Monty performed a very effective and thorough analysis of complex business partnership litigation and was instrumental in obtaining resolution in my case. As the mediator, Monty was able to effectively gain the confidence and respect of my client which was critical in reaching closure in this particular case. Thank you Mr. McIntyre!”

Collections Case, Plaintiff Counsel:
“I have participated in numerous mediations for many years. Overall I rate most mediators as good. In Mr. Mclntyre’s case I would rate him as exceptional. I highly commend anyone to utilize his expertise.”

Dental Malpractice, Plaintiff Counsel:
“Thank you for your efforts in resolving the case at yesterday’s mediation. The starting positions and personalities involved did not give me much hope at the outset but your “optimism” and hard work got it done. My clients were very happy.”

Elder Abuse Case, Plaintiff Counsel:
“I recently had a financial elder abuse mediation with Monty McIntyre. I am extremely impressed! As a mediator, he had his job cut out for him! It was a tough mediation, which required a great deal of patience and diplomacy in both rooms. This was the most challenging mediation I have ever been a part of and the best mediator both sides could ever ask for!”

Employment Case, Plaintiff Counsel:
“I was very pleased with Monty’s work in one of my employment matters. Although, the case did not settle at the mediation, Monty never lost track of the case and kept on working and making phone calls until the deal was done. He was persistent as a lawyer and that trait makes him a great mediator.”

Employment Case, Plaintiff Counsel:
I highly recommend Monty McIntyre as a mediator for legal disputes. Monty combines a wealth of legal experience and acumen with a measured and facilitative approach. He is well prepared, a good listener and communicator, and has an authoritative yet calm and reassuring style that engenders trust, conciliation and resolution.”

Employment, Wage and Hour Case, Plaintiff Counsel:
“Thank you Monty, I really appreciate your hard work yesterday. One of the things I like about your mediating style is that you have a fast grasp of the facts, and then are able to facilitate a “faster moving” mediation process — which allowed for a lot of progress in a smaller amount of time. I’ll definitely be seeing you in the future.” 

Employment, Wage and Hour Case, Defendant Counsel:
“Mr. McIntyre’s relentless efforts to close ‘the gap’ do not cease until the gap is indeed tightly closed.”

Legal Malpractice Case, Plaintiff Counsel: 
“In my opinion, Monty was an excellent mediator – certainly one of the best I have had occasion to work with in my twenty-two years as a civil trial lawyer. His demeanor was pleasant and professional. He handled the matter with exceptional efficiency. He was able to think “outside the box” and came up with some very creative solutions to the case, including non-monetary proposals that served to make the parties believe that true justice was the result.”

Medical Malpractice Case, Defense Counsel:
“Monty recently served as mediator in a contentious medical malpractice case. Monty’s work significantly contributed to the successful resolution of this emotionally charged matter. He has many excellent qualities, including an excellent command of the law, an ability to be even-handed in addressing both side’s positions, an easygoing likeable, demeanor, and most important, a strong “sticktoitiveness” attitude with regard to resolving a case. I am looking forward to working with Monty again on my next difficult case.”

Medical Malpractice Case, Defense Counsel:
“My first mediation with Monty involved a delicate medical malpractice case with a high profile medical group that provides an aggressive defense of their providers. The opposing parties were emotionally invested in the outcome, and represented by an experienced and zealous advocate. Monty quickly understood the medicine in this unique cancer case, the legal issues raised on damages, while also managing the emotions and personalities in play with great temperament. I believe his calming personality, objective view of each side’s strengths and weaknesses, and candor on how a jury may view the various theories, were the reasons why this case resolved early in the litigation process. Monty is an experienced and respected source for alternative resolution that I intend to use frequently in the future.”

Medical Malpractice Case, Plaintiff Counsel:
I recently had the pleasure to participate in a mediation with Monty McIntyre.  I represented a young woman who had endured a harrowing experience at a hospital when there was a mechanical failure of a machine being used to stop potentially life threatening bleeding.  The woman’s father witnessed the episode.  Both claimed acute and ongoing  psychological damages in the form of PTSD.  The defense position was that while they regretted the initial mechanical failure, an appropriate machine stopped the bleeding soon thereafter, that there was no physical injury and that ongoing psychological injury from a one-time event of a couple of hours was overstated.

Monty did an excellent job.  He was able to get the defense to see the event more through the eyes of the plaintiffs who lived through it.  He helped in a sincere and understanding way to get my clients to see the value of how a settlement now could be an important step in getting past the traumatic event, as opposed to relieving things for a week in trial.  Monty eventually was able to get the defense to pay a sum substantially above their initial evaluation and authority. Monty was patient and optimistic throughout the process. I would not hesitate to use Monty again as a mediator.”

Medical Malpractice Case, Plaintiff Counsel:
“Monty’s relaxed and casual manner as a mediator disguises his tireless efforts to keep the mediation process rolling.  I recently settled a medical malpractice action owing in large part to Monty’s understanding of the medicine, the legal medical issues, and his willingness to do the extra shuttle diplomacy between parties to get the case resolved. He is a valuable mediator for our community and I recommend working with him.”

Medical Malpractice Case, Plaintiff Counsel:
We came into this medical malpractice paraplegia mediation with very low expectations of resolving the case but Monty hit the ground running, was up to speed on the case details, understood and appreciated the risks (which he explained well to both sides) and stayed overtime to work out a deal. He dealt masterfully with both the “number” damages, but more importantly, the human damages. We’ll absolutely use him as a mediator again!”

Personal Injury Case, Plaintiff Counsel:
“Monty helped us resolve a very difficult case with great care and tenacity. He used a creative approach to the negotiation that was very right for this case. We would not hesitate to return to Monty for other cases–we very much appreciate his help.”

Personal Injury Case, Plaintiff Counsel:
I recently had my first mediation with Monty. Personal injury case arising from an auto collision. Liability hotly contested, no independent witnesses to the collision, no black box data. Plaintiff had significant pre-existing condition. No meaningful settlement offer before mediation. Tough case.

Monty did an excellent job “working” both sides. He established a good rapport with my client, was efficient and got to the point, did not dilly-dally around with war stories or glorified discussion of the “risks of trial” that mediators often invoke to amplify a plaintiff’s fears, and truly remained neutral/objective throughout the day. Case settled and my client is pleased. I would gladly mediate with Monty again with a case of any size.”

Personal Injury Case, Plaintiff Counsel: 
“You have my heartfelt thanks for assisting in settling the above-referenced case. Through two mediations, over a year, you kept everyone working toward agreement even when the chances of settlement appeared remote. Your persistence even after the second mediation made the difference. The honest and knowledgeable assessment you provided of the strengths and weaknesses of the positions of all parties was invaluable.”

Personal Injury Case, Plaintiff Counsel:
“I wanted to pass along a note on behalf of our client and firm for all of your assistance in the recent settlement where we represented an older gentleman injured in a trip and fall accident. As with many such cases, there were significant disputes over liability and damages, and your work in moving the parties together was very well done. Most of all, your ongoing efforts after the half-day Mediation session ended via phone calls and e-mails was really what got the case resolved. Many Mediators promise that follow up on cases that do not immediately resolve, but you came through in that regard and your ongoing efforts were clearly why the case settled. Thanks again and we will look forward to seeing you at our next opportunity.”

Personal Injury Case, Defense Counsel:
“Thank you for your assistance today in getting this done. I must say that the biggest accomplishment was your ability to make my clients feel completely comfortable with the process. Rarely have I left a mediation where the clients gushed about the mediator.”

Personal Injury Case, Defense Counsel:
“We highly recommend Mr. McIntyre as a mediator for all manner of personal injury and commercial disputes. He recently served as mediator on a very problematic restaurant/bar personal injury case involving a brain injury. The case presented some very thorny emotional issues, ones that could have gone either way with a jury. Through his insight and persuasion, we were able to resolve the case just before trial, saving both sides considerable risk. We also have had similar experiences in the past with other personal injury and commercial/construction disputes he has mediated.”

Real Property Case, Plaintiff Counsel:
“This week I had the pleasure of working with Monty McIntyre, as mediator, for a case that was successfully settled.  I have been in practice for over 37 years, and have had hundreds of mediations. But, without hesitation, I can represent that Monty is by far one of the top mediators whose services I have used. Monty is extremely well versed in the law, and brings to the table actual trial experience. He has a pleasant, but steadfast demeanor, and has the ability to understand and fully appreciate the facts as presented by all parties. Monty is a quick read, and can determine in a very short time the actual issues which are in conflict and direct the party’s attention to the essential problems on which the dispute arises. No time is wasted with Monty and he constantly is working towards the ultimate resolution. I highly recommend Monty and would encourage the use of the services of Monty as a mediator.”

Real Property Case (commercial lease), Defense Counsel:
“Our firm’s first experience with you as a mediator was completely positive. Both the client and I were impressed with your preparation and immediately focusing on the issues where we needed feedback. Having litigated complex cases with you in the past, I knew we would benefit from careful, considered legal and factual analysis, and that is exactly what we received. Your “relentless optimism” and patient demeanor was needed, at least for those of us whose patience tends to evaporate as the day drags along. We achieved a fair settlement that pleased our client, herself an experienced in-house counsel.”

Real Property Case, Defense Counsel:
“Mr. McIntyre successfully mediated a very complex and contentious real property case that was believed to have little chance of being resolved before trial. He was well prepared, focused and dedicated himself to finding a settlement strategy that would work. His tireless efforts and high degree of optimism were critical in crafting a resolution and fine tuning the key details. I would definitely use his talents again in the future.”

Real Property Case, Defense Counsel:
“Monty McIntyre served as a mediator in a quiet title/real estate fraud case I handled for the plaintiff. Monty did a superior job in facilitating the settlement of a difficult case. He was well prepared, hardworking, creative, pragmatic, and dogged in his efforts to settle the case. I will use Monty again in my real estate, insurance, and business litigation cases. I highly recommend Monty.”

Real Property Case (commercial lease), Plaintiff Counsel:
“I want to commend and recommend Monty for his help resolving a difficult landlord-tenant breach of contract dispute. After four hours of mediation, the parties agreed to settle two complaints and cross-complaints in a case involving difficult personalities, a multitude of claims and about 10 years of disputes. Monty did an excellent job helping the parties get to an agreement that both sides could accept.”

Real Property Case, Plaintiff Counsel:
“You are a fabulous mediator!”

Wage and Hour Case, Defense Counsel:
“I wanted to thank you again for all your efforts yesterday for helping us resolve this case. I liked your approach of explaining the economic realities of litigation to the client, as well as your valuable insights to the trial process. Both proved to be invaluable to help bring the case to resolution. I look forward to using your services again and will definitely recommend you to other colleagues”.