New California Case Summaries™: February 12 to February 26, 2018

Here is my discussion my FREE summaries of 4 new California civil case decisions, published between February 12 and February 26, 2018, that are in my free online publication California Case Summaries ADR™. To sign up and get your password to read these free summaries, click here.

I also offer a subscription publication, California Case Summaries Civil™, which provides summaries of EVERY new published civil case every other Monday for only $7.99 a month per subscriber. To subscribe now and get your password to read every new civil case summary, click here.

I’ve just released a new product called California Case Summaries Civil Update: 2017™ that has my short, organized summaries of every published California civil case from 2017. To purchase a single-user version today for $149.99, click here. To purchase a multi-user version for your law firm for $299.99, click here.

When you need an experienced and capable mediator who knows the law to help you settle your cases, or you need an experienced and capable arbitrator who knows the law to fairly hear and decide your cases, I’m happy to help. To schedule my services as a mediator or arbitrator, please contact my case manager at ADR Services, Christopher Schuster. His contact information is listed below.

Do well and be well.™

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Past president of the SD County Bar Assn. and SD ABOTA
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