Monty A. McIntyre, Esq.
ADR Services, Inc.

Mediator, Arbitrator & Referee
Areas: Business | Class Action | Construction | Employment | Insurance | Medical Malpractice | Professional Liability | Real Property | Torts
Locations: San Diego | Irvine | Los Angeles | San Francisco

Monty A. McIntyre serves as a mediator, arbitrator and referee to help people and companies obtain Rapid, Reasonable Resolution™ of disputes. His mission is to bring peace into the lives of people by excellently helping them resolve disputes. See the LA Daily Journal Profile discussing his work: Daily Journal - ADR Profile of MAM (color), 4-8-16.

Mediation: Through preparation, patience, perception, persuasion and persistence, Relentless Optimist® Monty A. McIntyre creatively helps people and companies resolve their disputes. He relentlessly pursues closure. Click here for Mediation Brief Suggestions and Pre-Mediation Call Suggestions.

Arbitration and Reference: Counsel and parties resolve disputes by a timely hearing and decision where the law is fairly and impartially applied to the facts and issues after careful consideration of all of the evidence and arguments.